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ROM Toolbox Pro MOD APK

As mentioned, for root users, ROM Toolbox Pro would be your ultimate tool to access root functions and apps. With that said, the toolbox includes a large collection of different and useful features and options. It is as if you have a combined application of the famous Root Booster Pro, Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, Autorun Manager, Script Manager and many more.

Get access to all those useful features while effectively controlling and managing your mobile devices with your root permissions. Do all kinds of different tasks without having to open another application, as you will have them all ready in ROM Toolbox Pro.

ROM Toolbox Pro MOD APK


Since it is a tool to effectively control your rooted mobile devices, ROM Toolbox Pro is only suitable for rooted Android devices. So you may be able to install it on your normal devices, but to use its features, it is recommended that you use the app on a rooted phone.

Also, since the apps will be quite involved in the functions of your devices, you will also need to provide certain permissions for the app to work properly. And most importantly, your device must have SuperSU Pro installed as the app will help you provide root permissions for ROM Toolbox Pro.

Features of ROM Toolbox Pro MOD APK

Here you will find all the amazing features it has to offer:

Complete ROM management options

For starters, Android users in ROM Toolbox Pro will have access to the full collection of many useful ROM management options. With it, you can make multiple changes, adjustments, customizations and control options on your mobile devices.

With that said, you will be able to use the app to install other custom ROMs on your Android devices with little trouble. Use it to install ROM and ZIP files to your SD card or system storage as you like.

Feel free to change your operating system whenever you want.

Furthermore, it is also possible to make changes to your nandroid backups and download them whenever you need to restore your devices to their previous states. Furthermore, the tool also offers the common root options such as Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik-Cache, Battery Statistics, etc.

ROM Toolbox Pro MOD APK

Take advantage of the roots explorer

And to effectively monitor and manage your system, you will also need a scan tool capable of full access to its functions. Here, you will have access to all the files on your systems, even hidden ones, which makes it much more convenient to manage your root devices.

In addition, to effectively manage files, the application also has the useful function of batch copy and paste, achieve ZIP files, delete all selected files, view file properties, share and move the different items in your storage . It is also possible to adjust file permissions and ownership, which is absolutely amazing. And with the two panels for file management, your experiences in the application would be much less challenging.

Create and run certain scripts on your Android devices

For those of you who are interested, you will also have access to the useful scripts that you can create and run on your Android devices. Feel free to collect scripts online or create them yourself and use Scripter & Terminal Emulator to test and run your scripts whenever you have time. It will be great if you know what you are doing.

Conveniently use devices with autostart options

And to effectively use your applications, it is also possible to use the Automatic Startup Manager in ROM Toolbox Pro. That being said, the application allows users to manage their startup applications with little trouble. Feel free to disable or enable certain apps that are on your devices. Or even dig a little deeper by monitoring certain processes and services that would be running at startup and kill them if you want.

Various restart options to make use of

In addition, to use your phone effectively, it is also possible to make use of the Rebooter and have access to various restart options, each of which would allow you to access certain functions. With that said, you can access reboot recovery, enter the bootloader, customize the reboot controls, restart the status bar, etc.

Install custom fonts on your mobile devices

You may also install custom fonts on your devices to enjoy different sensations when reading and viewing content on them.

Enjoy the application with amazing boot animations

Also, for those of you who are interested in customizing your phone’s boot animations and logo, you can always make use of ROM Toolbox Pro to install new ones. Feel free to select your custom boot animations from the included collections or upload them directly to your SD card. And if you want, using your favorite GIF file is also a viable option. Or alternatively, choose your random boot animations that will differ each time you restart your devices. And last but not least, with the Boot Logo Changer, you can easily customize the logo of your devices by opening it.

ROM Toolbox Pro MOD APK

Customize your themes with certain options

And to make your devices look better and more personalized, it is also possible to use multiple customization options in the application. Feel free to choose your favorite options from the included theme library. Customize the status bar icon with certain changes to make your device more unique. Create and install your own themes with many options available. And if you want, you can always browse the endless lists at T-Mobile Theme Chooser for new themes.

Adjust your CPU with different profiles

For those of you who are interested, you can easily tweak and make changes to your CPU by having different profiles on it. Start by scanning your system and checking your CPU stats. You can then move on to configuring your CPU profiles. Make certain changes and adjustments to the kernels to effectively speed up your devices and configure the scale controller to optimize their performance without damaging the hardware.

Customize your Build.prop for fun and certain customizations

To make things even more fun and interesting, it is also possible for Android users in ROM Toolbox Pro to make changes to their build.prop presets. That said, you can easily use the Build.prop editor to effectively change screen resolutions, increase battery life with certain optimizations, and boost your performance by killing unnecessary processes.

Increase the speed of your SD card

And last but not least, it can also increase the speed of your SD card, allowing you to effectively enjoy the improved performance of your mobile devices, especially when you need to write or read certain files and folders on your card.

Access the free application on our website

With the app currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid version, some of you may find it difficult to access all of its features. With that said, you may want to go for our modified version of the app, which is completely free on our website. Just download the ROM Toolbox Pro APK file, follow the instructions provided, and you can start enjoying the application.


Not for average users
The tool was created so that Android users can also use their root devices. Therefore, most users will not find it very useful. And with a full collection of root-only options, you’ll probably find the tool somewhat unusable on your regular devices. Also, the advanced and in-depth features are only reserved for use by experts, as most average users will not find them accessible or usable.

How to Install ROM Toolbox Pro Mod Apk on Android?

Downloading ROM Toolbox Pro Mod premium now has become very easy. To get this application on your phone is a two minutes game. want to know how? just follow simple steps:-

  • Before downloading ROM Toolbox Pro Mod with pro features, you have to uninstall the current ROM Toolbox Pro Mod app from your smartphone.
  • Click On the button given below with the name of download ROM Toolbox Pro Mod .
  • Once you click you will get a download page. where you will a direct link of a ROM Toolbox Pro Mod.
  • Click on that, in a few minutes (Depend on your internet speed) your app will be on your phone.
  • Now go to your phone’s setting and enable unknown sources to install this app.
  • Now go to file manager and file download file of ROM Toolbox Pro Mod.
  • Once you find click on that, it will ask you to install it.
  • Click on that, Boom!!! you get your application in your phone.

Remember – To download and use  ROM Toolbox Pro Mod make sure you have enough space in your android device to get the best experience of it.


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