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About Lanota

Piano Tiles is one of the most popular rhythm games in the world. It was developed very early, so it has become a trend for players and an inspiration for developers.

However, some people said that they want to get more than what Piano Tiles offers. The black and white keys are very monotonous, while most tracks are classical music. Lanota is a perfect replacement. All modern music you are looking for are in this game.

The story

Even though it’s just a casual rhythm game, Lanota has a very moving story. The game is about world chaos. Everything seemed to be drowned in silence, with two colors white and black. Two brothers Fisica and Ritmo are trusted by God, entrusting the Notalium with the hope of regaining a colorful world as before.


Lanota has simple gameplay, synchronized between visual and rhythm. When you start a challenge, you need to do several things tap (Click), flick, and slide (Rail) on the screen. The notes will continuously appear and move towards the Notalium.

In general, Lanota has pretty similar gameplay to Piano Tiles. You should not miss any notes, because that will make the song is not perfect. However, if you accidentally skip a note, the game will continue.

But, there are also some differences that you need to keep in mind. The game system came up with a series of instructions that you should only process musical notes the moment they hit the Notalium. At that time, the melody really plays. If you touch the moment too soon or too late, the game will generate a warning that you have failed.

Just like that, you take turns to experience Lanota’s story, adventure through each land through the notes and regain color for each part of the world. Discrete musical notes will create a complete music, complete the picture of the world of Lanota.

Each time a challenge is completed, you can check your play in detail. The system will statistics the rate of Harmony, Tune, the maximum number of combos achieved and Fail. Based on that, the system will give you the corresponding score.

Amazing music

There are hundreds of tracks in Lanota. Most of them are taken from the Japanese Anime/Manga.

But overall, the tracks are divided into 3 categories, including Ulira, Whisper and Acoustic. You can choose the genre you want to experience, before entering the next challenge.

Of course, as the plot gradually expands, the new songs will also be unlocked. Some songs have a pretty interesting sound but have lots of notes. And that will cause you to touch the screen more. Some other songs include non-verbal pieces, and you’ll be a little more leisurely, when most of the notes are long, and you just need to slide across the screen most of the time.

In addition, Lanota also has some premium packages. When you buy them, you have new tracks to play. I used the example with “Expansion Ch. D” with songs like Sakura Sakura (Yunomi), Glamorous Girl (Hearl’s Cry feat. Pooppo), Specta (Junk), Hayabusa (Yamajet), … The developer also often Frequently offering incentives for players to have new experiences.

Unlock new maps

Lanota’s journey is divided into 6 main chapters, 2 sub-chapters and 16 extended chapters. Each chapter covers a series of locations, with different tracks.

You will have to take turns passing challenges of each track to unlock new maps and new chapters. 6 main chapters and 2 subchapters will take place sequentially. Meanwhile, you can play extended chapters at any time.