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What Is Craft Legend Mod?

Here in Craft Legend, players are presented with a whole new world in which they are free to participate in various activities. Together with your fellow online adventurers, you can travel through the epic realms of Craft Legend.

Enjoy the traditional role-playing game as you enter the dark dungeons, take down monsters and enemies while freely launching your attacks against them. Collect valuable goods while killing enemies and use them for various things. Build and design a completely new world where you are the master of your own destiny.

Craft Legend Mod APK Download

Features of Craft Legend Mod APK

Here you will find all the most interesting features that the game offers:

Simple and intuitive side scrolling gameplay

Right off the bat, you’ll fall in love with the simple and intuitive side scrolling gameplay. With simplified controls, you can easily move your character around the maps. With all the available options displayed on the main screen, you can quickly switch between tools and items or order your hero to perform quick attacks on enemies. Overall, it will be a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Survive in a challenging environment surrounded by tough monsters
For those who love traditional sandbox RPGs, Craft Legend would certainly be enough to satisfy them. With various dungeons and forests to discover, players can challenge themselves by entering the darkest dungeons and forests to challenge the monsters within. Sometimes you can even run into powerful bosses that won’t be easily defeated.

Survive harsh conditions while surrounded by goblins, insects, cannibals, and many other creatures that crave your blood. However, you can also remove them to earn some valuable loot, which could also come in handy once you get to the later stages.

Craft Legend  Mod APK

A world where you can design your own destiny

In a world like this, everything seems possible. In fact, Craft Legend players will have the opportunity to explore the building feature, which allows them to create almost everything in their mind. Start by creating a nice and cozy home so you can rest in peace or invite your friends to parties.

Design and decorate the most beautiful house using all your creatives. And to fill your house with furniture, you’ll have to raid monster lairs in search of epic loot. You can also make your own articles with the appropriate materials.

Travel to various places

To make your journey more exciting, the creators of IGG.COM also present a huge map, in which you are allowed to travel to various places, each with its own unique characteristics and characteristics. Explore the forest, snow, desert, jungle, and many more places you could never think of. Discover the secrets within you as you travel inside.

Handmade legend

Realistic elements that cannot be found anywhere

Here in Craft Legend, players will experience a whole new level of realistic elements that they will never be able to find in other games. Immersive experiences will introduce players to realistic weather patterns, synchronized weather, matching seasons, and more. It will be difficult to distinguish between real life experiences and those of the game.

Customize your characters to make them amazing

And since you’re in an online world, you might want to dress up your characters a bit, just to make them stand out from the crowd. Choose your favorite clothes and try different combinations with your characters. In addition, there will also be beautiful costumes that will be available for the best players. Make sure you are one of those.

Craft Legend  Mod APK Download

Be self-reliant with multiple options to earn money

In the huge world of Craft Legends, players will also have the option to participate in various money-making activities. In addition to the loot you get from killing monsters and bosses, you can earn money crafting and selling your gears to other heroes. They even go so far as to allow you to cultivate your path to success.

Enjoy socializing experiences with cool new friends

With thousands of players online and a growing number in the future, it will be extremely easy for you to meet new people and make new friends in Craft Legend. Here, you can even create your team and organize a team meeting, in which you will face the toughest bosses in many dungeons. Divide the loot among your teammates and get ready for another adventure.

Craft Legend Mod APK Download

Challenge players online in PvP battles

On the other hand, if working with others is not what you want, you can also participate in the assault battles in which you can lead your own army to attack the bases of the enemies. Collect valuable loot while destroying their buildings. However, be sure to be on the lookout for enemy attacks.

The game introduces the players to the exciting Tower Defense game where you can defend your home from the attacks of others.

Free to play and explore

The game is currently free to play, so you can easily download and install it on any of your mobile devices. Enjoy epic RPGs whenever you have free time.

Visual and sound quality

The game features simple and undemanding graphics, which allow it to be playable on most devices. Players would also have the opportunity to experience smooth and satisfying gameplay like no other.

Sound / Music

Immerse yourself in daily activities while tapping your workbench with a hammer and ax. Creating your everyday items has never been so much fun with Craft Legend.

Craft Legend  Mod APK

[Extra Game Features]


Explore the Forest, Snowy, Desert, Blight, Jungle, and Volcanic Biomes! Uncover the secrets hidden within!

*Build Unique Homes*

Mine materials to craft your dream home! Raid monster lairs for legendary furniture!

*Immersive Experience*

Realistic weather patterns, the passing of time, changing seasons, and more!

*Survive the Unforgiving Land*

Deal with Goblins, insects, cannibals, and many other nasty creatures that are out for your blood!

*Thrilling PvP*

DIY your very own Airship! Lead an army to raid other players!

*Multiplayer Dungeons*

If it gets lonely, join a party! Nothing like an adventure with friends!

How to install Craft Legend APK with OBB data file

  • APK install it on your device.
  • Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.igg.android.craftlegend. Make sure that the OBB file (main.102184.com.igg.android.craftlegend.obb) is located inside the com.igg.android.craftlegend folder.
  • Start the game again. Enjoy!


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