IDM+ Fastest Download Manager 12.1 (Apk + MOD+Full) for Android

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IDM+ Fastest Download Manager 12.1 (Apk + MOD+Full) for Android

Overview information

Name IDM+ Download Manager free
Category Productivity
Size 6.0M
Version 8.49
Updated On 26/02/2023
Get it On Google Play
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlocked

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What Is IDM+ MOD Apk?

For those of you who are interested, IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader will offer you a complete file downloading experience, with many of its powerful and capable features. Here, you can easily use the mobile application to download any of your selected files or content data, using multiple download options.

And thanks to the improved download features and technology in IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader, you can enjoy its improved download speed up to a whopping 500% faster than normal.

In addition, the application also offers convenient and user-friendly uses, allowing you to easily access its functions. Just select your download option and try preparing the files with your own simple settings.

image of IDM+ MOD Apk

Requirements of IDM+ MOD Apk

To start enjoying the great IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader mobile app, all you need is a working Android device running firmware version 4.0 or higher. This will ensure that your device can work well with the application and fully utilize its available functions without any problems. But keep in mind that you will have to pay to make the app available on your mobile devices as it is currently a paid version on the Google Play Store.

And if you want the app to work properly on any of your selected devices, be sure to provide it with certain access permissions. These include the network connection to use the download function, the storage permission to allow IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader to save the files on your devices, the vibration control to allow the application to make notifications. And you will also need to whitelist the app to make sure it can still run while the phone goes to sleep.

Features of IDM+ MOD Apk

These are all the cool features that the app offers:

Enjoy the application without advertising

Right off the bat, Android users on IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader will find themselves enjoying ad-free experiences with its downloader, allowing them to easily work with the app’s features. Here, you will not be bothered by unwanted ads or pop-ups. And at the same time, the interchangeable Dark and Light themes will also fully make it possible for mobile device users to feel completely comfortable with the images in the app.

Full support for multiple language options

Also, to make sure all users can make effective use of the app’s functions, IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader offers its full language localizations for you to enjoy. Here, you can easily access the app’s features by exploring its supported languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, and many other options. Feel free to select any of these options and proceed to enjoy the accessible mobile application.

Powerful and convenient download tools for your device

With IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader, Android users will also find themselves enjoying the powerful and convenient downloader app with optimized speed and features. Here, you can easily select your target files and download them to your mobile devices as quickly as possible. The application will support all file formats and download channels that are available.

Also, feel free to set the download limits based on your personal

preferences to make sure your internet connection is stable for other tasks. You can use the downloader to create your own downloader for each file, based on your priorities. And with extended notifications, you can easily keep track of the download processes on your devices with intuitive vibrations and notification sounds.

Lastly, all downloaded files can now be saved to your devices SD card, allowing you to download as many files as you want, without consuming all of your internal storage.

Enable your privacy with useful features

And to protect your privacy while downloading files and data online, it is also possible for Android users on IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader to add passwords to their protected files. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your downloaded files will be protected with selected passwords.

Simple download experiences with available links

Also, to enable simple and convenient download experiences with links, you can make full use of IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader and their impressive features. Here, mobile device users can import download links from text files, device clipboards, and copies. Just insert the downloadable links into the app, and IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader will automatically start the download operation.

Additionally, you can also use the application to export download links from certain web pages by allowing the application to search and extract downloadable links. This also applies to music or video files that are streamed on your devices. IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader will automatically scan web pages and allow you to download these files with ease.

image of IDM+ MOD Apk

To further enhance your download experiences, you can make use of the Pause and Resume option, which is available from certain supported links. This will allow you to prioritize certain download operations over others. And if your paused links expire, it is also possible for Android users to update the download links, using IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader.

Download any of your selected torrent files

Along with the traditional download method of using links, you can now make use of torrent downloads available from IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader, allowing you to get your specific files without having to use other torrent downloaders. Feel free to choose your magnet links, torrent urls or use the torrent files to start the download operation on your mobile device.

Enjoy the built-in browser with powerful features

For those of you who are interested, you can also make use of the browser built into IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader to further enhance your download experiences. Here, you can comfortably browse the Internet just like when using other browsers. But the app also offers its powerful download options that you can make the most of.

Feel free to choose the downloadable links from the websites you visit and try to download certain files within the application. Also have fun making use of all the standard browsing features like any other app, including the available password protector, multi-tab browsing, recorded history, file bookmarks, and most importantly, incognito browsing enabled will definitely make you the application is much more interesting.

And last but not least, you can use the downloader app in any of your selected web browsers, including the default browser, Chrome, Firefox, and many others. So it makes IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader completely suitable for universal uses.

Consistent and reliable file downloader

Also, to make sure all your downloads are taken care of, the app also offers many of its consistent and reliable features, which you can use. Here, it will support your download retry attempts if you fail to capture the files at first. And at the same time, all data and download operations will not stop even when you close the application. If there is any problem with the application or download operations, IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader will try to handle the download errors so that you don’t lose your data. Thus, it enables consistent and reliable uses of the downloader. Plus, you can now use Wi-Fi-only download support to make sure you don’t use your expensive mobile data to download large files.

Enjoy your multi-file download experiences

To allow Android users to download multiple files at once, IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader also enables its intuitive features within the app for you to use. Here, you can easily select up to 5 simultaneous downloads and make full use of your high-speed internet connection. And thanks to the multi-part download option, with up to 32 parts per download, IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader will also optimize speed using your device’s hardware. And whenever you need to make certain adjustments, the app will offer you its full controls for you to use.

Lots of added features with cool apps.

To make the app more interesting, Android users on IDM + Music, Video, Torrent Downloader can now access many of its additional features with impressive uses. Get started by live streaming your selected websites using HTTP protocols. Now

How to Install  IDM+ plus MOD  Apk on Android?

Downloading IDM+ plus MOD premium now has become very easy. To get this application on your phone is a two minutes game. want to know how? just follow simple steps:-

  • Before downloading IDM+ plus MOD with pro features, you have to uninstall the current IDM+ plus MOD app from your smartphone.
  • Click On the button given below with the name of download IDM+ plus MOD .
  • Once you click you will get a download page. where you will a direct link of a IDM+ plus MOD.
  • Click on that, in a few minutes (Depend on your internet speed) your app will be on your phone.
  • Now go to your phone’s setting and enable unknown sources to install this app.
  • Now go to file manager and file download file of IDM+ plus MOD.
  • Once you find click on that, it will ask you to install it.
  • Click on that, Boom!!! you get your application in your phone.

Remember – To download and use  IDM+ plus MOD make sure you have enough space in your android device to get the best experience of it.

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