Graveyard Keeper 1.129 Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

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Graveyard Keeper 1.129 Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Overview information

Name Graveyard Keeper
Category Role Playing
Size July 15, 2019
Version 10,000+
Updated On 12/12/2022
Get it On Google Play
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlocked

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What is Graveyard Keeper Mod?

Graveyard Keeper is the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of all time. Build and manage your own graveyard, and expand into other ventures, while finding shortcuts to cut costs. Use all the resources you can find. After all, this is a game about the spirit of capitalism, and doing whatever it takes to build a thriving business. And it’s also a love story.

In this game, players will play as a cemetery guardian who would not give up any way to get the most out of his business. Get dirty and dark as you explore the world of single capitalism, where a man would do anything to make money.

Explore varied gameplay that involves all kinds of money-making activities, from farming, trading, to autopsy.

Graveyard Keeper Mod Apk

Features of Pokémon GO Mod Apk

Let’s take a look at all the cool features this game offers:

1. Simple and intuitive controls

Right off the bat, Graveyard players will have the opportunity to explore the world using simple and intuitive controls. That said, it will be very convenient for you to move with your characters or access the game options. With optimized and improved touch controls, you are free to enjoy the exciting game.

2. Many dark and exciting missions

Speaking of which, there will be a number of different missions that you can take to earn money and resources for your business. Fill out another crafting request and create all kinds of equipment, from pots and pans to steel weapons. Or they might ask you to provide certain crops on the farms. And sometimes, you will get really dark missions that involve body removal, illegal transplants, etc. You will if it pays well.

Graveyard Keeper Mod Apk

3. Create and collect your own items and tools.

In the world of Graveyard Keeper, you will have to work on your own to create the necessary elements for your daily uses. Build your farming tools so you can start working in the field. Collect wood and stone materials so you can build epic contraptions. Take advantage of your cooking talent and create delicious dishes that will help you regain energy. Fish in the streams or ponds near you for fresh fish. Head to the mine and collect valuable minerals. And create weapons so you can explore nature.

4. Unlock assorted blueprints for epic gadgets

And to make all the items, you will have to build your own workstations. You start by collecting the blueprint, materials, and tools for the job. You can get the blueprint through the shop or collect some by doing quests. Create all kinds of gadgets using the impressive blueprints you’ve obtained

Graveyard Keeper Mod Apk

5. A huge sandbox world to discover

Introducing a huge sandbox world, Graveyard Keeper presents Android gamers with a vast game in which you will have many locations to discover. In each place, there will be different missions and missions waiting for you. Go to the cemetery for your daily jobs. Go home to work on your farm and rest to recover. The more advanced locations will be unlocked after completing certain requirements or missions.

6. Research and unlock new technologies

There will be three different types of technology points in Graveyard Keeper, which are the red points for physical jobs, green points for organic materials, and blue points for spiritual activations. Collect these important points and use them to research technologies on your characters. But first, you will need to make your study table in the craft room. Having the technologies that are being researched would give your character new boosts in various activities, such as farming, mining, crafting, etc.

7. Find exciting NPCs and get involved in their stories.

You will never find yourself alone in Graveyard Keeper as the game features exciting NPCs that you can meet and interact with. Each character will have their own stories, so a host of different adventures await you in Graveyard Keeper.

8. Challenge powerful monsters and win valuable loot

And if you’re looking for some actions, there will be dozens of different monsters in varied locations in Graveyard Keeper for you to kill. Take on powerful monsters and collect valuable loot. The higher the level of the monsters, the better the rewards you will receive. And in most cases, the goods collected from monsters are essential for crafting and creating your items.

Face ethical dilemmas. Do you really want to spend money on that proper burger meat for the witch-burning festival, when you have so many resources lying around?
Gather valuable materials and craft new items. Expand your Graveyard into a thriving business. Help yourself — gather the valuable resources scattered across the surrounding areas, and explore what this land has to offer.
Quests and corpses. These dead bodies don’t need all those organs, do they? Why not grind them up and sell them to the local butcher? Or you can go on proper quests, you roleplayer.
Explore mysterious dungeons. No medieval game would be complete without those! Take a trip into the unknown, and find discover new alchemy ingredients — which may or may not poison a whole bunch of nearby villagers.

Improve various skills and know what you want to be
Here at Graveyard Keeper, players will have access to dozens of different character developments that they could improve upon. Increase your butcher skills and make sure there are no surgical errors when removing meat from bones. Be a better surgeon to effectively remove brains and organs from cadavers. Take on the job of a preacher and spread the wise word of your god. Be a scholar and quickly learn new technologies. Cultivate on your farms using your farmer skills. You can be whoever you want in Graveyard Keeper.

More Feature About MOD

Get involved in various activities as a medieval citizen.

Another way to have fun in the world of Graveyard Keeper is to get involved in various activities of a medieval citizen. Join trade shows and sell your products. Accept requests from others and deliver the items they need. Work on your farms and grow high-quality crops. Or even go on a hero’s journey and defeat monsters around here.

Enjoy the game even offline

In addition, you can continue to enjoy the game with or without our Internet connection. Just download and install it on your mobile devices and you can experience portable gaming whenever you want. Furthermore, your secure files will also be safe as they will be stored on your devices and backed up when you are back online.

Play the game in your favorite languages

Enjoy your favorite RPG and simulation in your favorite languages. Choose from English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian, etc. With varied language options, you won’t have time to start playing.

Visual and sound quality

With undemanding graphics, Graveyard Keeper will be perfect for all Android devices. On top of that, good visual communications with accurate character designs and spooky environments will make you feel like you really are in this strange world.

Sound / Music

Thrilling and exciting music from start to finish will let you enjoy addictive gameplay. And the precise audio effects offer immersive experiences for any Android gamer.

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How to install Graveyard Keeper APK with OBB data file

  • APK install it on your device.
  • Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.tinybuild.graveyardkeeper. Make sure that the OBB file ( is located inside the com.tinybuild.graveyardkeeper folder.
  • Start the game again. Enjoy!


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