Brave Conquest MOD APK Download v1.4.2 (One Hit Skill)

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Brave Conquest MOD APK Download v1.4.2 (One Hit Skill)

Overview information

Name Brave Conquest
Category Strategy
Size 67M
Version 1.4.2
Updated On 12/12/2022
Get it On Google Play
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlocked

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Brave Conquest MOD APK

The game takes place in the fantastic world of Brave Conquest, where legends are created by blood and fire. Start by building your settlements, assigning your workers to perform various tasks, and collect essential resources.

Invest in your armies and technologies as you move into the new ages. Challenge the opponents and resolve your disputes on the battlefields. Recruit varied units with different powers and apply different strategies to help you win the game.

Take down enemies and advance to new lands, become the best conquerors in the Brave Conquest world and establish your holy empire as you advance.

Features of Brave Conquest MOD APK

Let’s take a look at all the cool features the game offers:

Create powerful kingdoms from scratch

Brave Conquest MOD APK

From the beginning, players will have the opportunity to participate in exciting construction activities. Manage resources and workforce efficiently to slowly build your base. Give settlements to your citizens so they have a roof over their head. Assign your workers to perform various tasks and collect more valuable resources. Create your powerful armies to be ready for any challenger who wants to invade your city. Or you could raid their territories to earn valuable loot.

A self-sustaining economy to support its armies and citizens

In the world of Brave Conquest, players will have the opportunity to participate in a completely self-sufficient economic system. If your citizens lack living spaces, you can build new homes. If they want more food, you can get a farm. If they need other services, you can provide the basics. It’s like playing City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Simulation offline, but this time it will take you back to medieval times.

With your enemies surrounding you from all directions, you will need a powerful army to protect your capital and protect your valuable assets. However, maintaining an entire army will cost you a certain amount of resources. So make sure your finances can handle the loads.

Brave Conquest MOD APK

Build your own armies

And speaking of which, in Brave Conquest, there will be dozens of different units of varied classes for you to recruit. Choose the right units that suit your army composition and your tactics to face the battles. You’ll have the chance to experiment with strange team compositions, create your own setups, and win against your opponents. Strength isn’t everything in Brave Conquest, as your armies will need your tactical supervision to achieve victory. Enjoy the epic clashes between the two armies as you stumble. Experience the intense battle in which the winners can only be decided up close.

Recruit powerful heroes to lead your armies into battle.

Brave Conquest MOD APK

To make their armies more capable during battles, players can also recruit special heroes to lead their armies into battles. With their unique skill sets, our heroes will make units more effective while facing off against their enemies. Upgrade your mighty heroes and unlock their potentials. Choose your heroes carefully as you will depend a lot on them.

Explore new kingdoms and collect tons of treasures.

With a vast campaign map, Brave Conquest presents players with many opportunities. Travel through the vast landscape and discover the hidden gems. Establish your people and begin your construction. Slowly but steadily, you will have a powerful and prosperous city, a place where our people can live in peace and harmony.

Shoot down monsters and earn valuable loot

Brave Conquest MOD APK

Besides that, you will discover that the lands we inhabit are not completely safe. With monsters and enemies lurking in the wild, it is difficult for people to move. It is up to you to track down the monsters and finish them off using your military might. Take down the toughest enemies and bring peace to the lands. In addition, you will also earn valuable loot.

Join millions of other players online

With over millions of players online, Brave Conquest players will never find themselves alone in this world. It’s a good thing since you won’t have to deal with monsters on your own. But, the competitions would also get more intense.

Compete with enemies for the leading position in the ranking system. Protect your bases from enemy raids and organize total assaults on enemy facilities. Challenge the best conquerors for the ultimate throne in Brave Conquest.

Complete the challenges and achievements to get valuable prizes.

In addition to the main gameplay, Brave Conquest players can also take on exciting challenges and achievements to collect valuable prizes. Spend minimal time a day competing and collecting your loot as you expand your empires.

Brave Conquest MOD APK

Exciting daily bonuses for dedicated players

Another way that players can quickly earn their rewards without even doing anything in Brave Conquest is to be active in the game. Simply log into the game once every day to earn your epic daily rewards. The more days in a row, the better rewards you will get.

Free to play

The game is currently free for all Android users. Therefore, you can easily install it on your devices by going to the Google Play Store and downloading your game. Enjoy the epic strategy title for a price completely free. Sure you still have some in-app purchases and ads for a free game, but the amounts are minimal so you can enjoy your games without being disturbed.

Visual and sound quality

Brave Conquest MOD APK

The game features impressive and intuitive 3D graphics. You can enjoy epic battles in which various armies face each other while still knowing exactly what is happening. Thus, you can make quick adjustments to your armies. Most importantly, the optimized graphics would allow for smooth and satisfying gameplay throughout the session.

Sound / Music

Epic soundtracks and themed audio effects will deliver authentic medieval gaming experiences for Android gamers. Become the legends of the world of Brave Conquest.

How to Install Brave Conquest APK with OBB data file

  • APK install it on your device.
  • Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/ Make sure that the OBB file ( is inside the folder.
  • Start the game again. Enjoy!


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